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What are STEM Toys? by eBeanstalk

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STEM Toys is a category of toys that fosters child development and learning in SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, and MATHEMATICS (or STEM). Alternatively, STEM toys are also called STEAM toys where ARTS (for the A) is also included as a creative aspect within STEAM.

This grouping of toys accent and facilitate play in those traditional fields of academic study and allow children new experiences and activity in those larger disciplines. For example, the traditional science kits to electric circuit kits to newer coding and robotics kits are all included in this category of toys.

As a new category trend on classic fields, the science and math toys usually exercise the basic tenets of those quantitative fields. And the technology and engineering toys usually encompass more advanced building aspects using the science and math, in addition to programming and design, to develop larger projects. And even at the young age of 2 or 3, there are some solid STEM toys that allow the child to begin piecing together all those ideas and coordinating those STEM thought processes on a broader scale.

We at eBeanstalk believe that for STEM toys to be fruitful and effective (and offered at eBeanstalk), they have to incorporate three essential qualities:

Ability to Experiment: We believe it is important for the toys to allow users the freedom to try various versions of the same projects so that the child can affect different outcomes and match those different inputs and activities with those various outcomes and results. Whether they are building a spaceship or constructing a solar panel car, the project allows the child to alter the project to see the changes in what they are working on, allowing them a sense of control and understanding in the process.

Ability to Grow: We believe it is important for the toys to allow children to develop and grow with more sets of advancing material for the children to continue to explore and allow the same in adjacent pathways. The child is able to continue to advance as they cultivate an interest in a certain category.

Ability to Entertain and Hold Interest: At eBeanstalk, we also firmly believe the toys should be fun and hold their attention and that’s how the children learn the best. We look for engaging toys that stimulate the imagination and hold their interest to spark “what if I do this?” and “how about this?” questions while they are actively playing.

With the plethora of television and video game content streaming from every device within wifi or cellular service range, we still believe a set of solid and well-made STEM toy placed in front of a curious young mind can do wonders for the future. 

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