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The Walking Ducky Push and Pull Wooden Toy Review by BLOOMBY TOYS

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EBeanstalk TOY REVIEW:  Experts Love It

From time to time, we will review some of our favorite toys on our blog in depth in order to allow our customer a deeper understanding of the developmental toys for our children.

Overview:  The child will love pushing this delightfully made toy around. This adorable duck will provide hours of fun and entertainment for your little one as they direct the wooden stick to guide their duck around the floor.  The toys are made from quality sustainable and very sturdy rubber wood from Thailand.  This well-made heirloom quality toys will last for a long time, is precisely geared for the right height of the child, and will allow for the child to develop help characteristics.  


Construction:  The toys are made from high quality sustainable rubber wood from Thailand.  It feels heavy and sturdy in your hands and feels like a heirloom quality toy from years gone by.  The colors are bright and safe water-based paints with a bold solid feel, not something that will chip or fade easily.  There is also a small duck that rides on the back of the main toy that bobs up and down with the walking motion and it is made with the same sturdy wood construction.  Also the wheels are solid wood with a rubber insert to provide smooth traction and motion for the toy.

Developmental Skills:  The toy focuses on many developmental activities, however our experts love the toy as this toy improves upon the following developmental skills:

gross motor skills enabling the child to both push and pull the toy with ease of motion with rubber grooved wheels.  The child often uses the toy like a pet and brings the toys back and forth with a firm rod handle instead of a leash in order to have more control.  The baby ducky that rides on top of the toy allows children to travel and match shape in cylinder.  The child can grab manually and adjust their motor skills to place toy into the mother duck.  The exercise in pushing and pulling the toy allows development of coordination, balance, and motor skills for the child.

tactile skills the tactile wood is smooth and bright colored to draw attention to the distinct color differences in main color groups.  The webbed feet and beak of both duckies is allows for a durable felt and smooth tactile substrate as a different feel for the child to note the differences in material, color, thickness, and flexibility.

imaginative play in pretend play allows the child to develop social skills in playing with a play pet and taking care of the mother and baby.  The imagination in petting, brushing, walking, and feeding a pet with friends allows for important social interaction in formation of storytelling, sharing, communicating facts and feelings, and empathy in emotions.

Read more at http://www.ebeanstalk.com/Bloomby/toy-product-detail/Bloomby-Walking-Ducky-Push-and-Pull-Wooden-Toy.html#ubGRWQiOVW114J9v.99

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