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Fun Spring Time Activities that Help Develop your Kids

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Let the learning begin!  We all want the very best for our kids and that includes having the tools to help them develop and grow. Below are some exciting ways for your kids to learn this spring!


1.  Build it and they will come – Paint a birdhouse

The kids and birds will delight in painting their own little birdhouse the way they want it. The birds will love it too! Having birds around teaches kids about conservation of nature, with increased flower pollination and help in pest control. Such a fun activity that they can enjoy with nature throughout the year.

Real Wood Toys – Paint Your Own Birdhouse

2.  Build a frame for your beautiful pictures

If you love beads and frames, here’s the perfect activity for you! Helpful with their fine motor skills and imagination.

Flutter Fun Frame Bead Kit

3. Get creative outside and draw your own world outdoors

Open ended play has many benefits in a child’s development. It is a chance for kids to build self-confidence and autonomy. They are making their own choices and using their imaginations to create something all their own. Chalk can help them put down wherever their imagination takes them.

Do Art Outdoor Chalk Art Set

4. Build a race car – Race Car Derby

A great way to build something together – a car launcher and memories! Construction play is important in developing problem solving skills, increasing attention span, building fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Keva Stunt Derby Car and Launcher



5. Play with Dinosaurs

Pretend play is important for those younger years to explore and discover, especially in the social and emotional roles of life.  Here’s a great set of 60 dinosaurs neatly packaged in a tub. With 60, they can build their math skills too.

Learning Resources Dinosaur Counters Set of 60

6. Camp out and build a fort with a play tent

This is an activity that can last for minutes or hours! Let their imagination go as they create characters, socialize with one another and get active. Who doesn’t love it when you are moving around in and out of the tent looking for adventure.

Pirate Den Playhouse

Active Play

7. Go for a hike – explore with the handy microscope

There’s nothing better than getting outside and going on a hike and getting some fresh air. There are trails from the park to the mountains. You encounter many new things along the way.  Bring this handy microscope along to zoom in and get a better look at the bugs and plants you see.

Geosafari Handy Microscope

8. Blow Bubbles

This is just fun, enough said!

Little Kids Fubbles Bubble Blaster

9. Ride a Scooter

Scooters are fun, help develop balance and gross and fine motor skills.

Razor Berry Scooter Blue/Red

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    Great ideas and products to keep them busy!

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