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Best Indoor Activities to Do with Kids

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Oh what a winter it has been this season. Whether it is the snow, rain or just plain old cold weather, if you and the kids are going to be spend the day at home, you will need a plan to fight any boredom!

Here are 15 tried and true activities, crafts and games for creating fun memories on a cold winter day! 

  1. Curl up with a good book! Read with them to foster the love of reading.
  2. Nothing beats time spent together playing a board game!


Pro Chef Set by Learning Resources

  1. Cook together or pretend you are cooking a delicious meal!
  2. Invent something new with science and STEM related toys and coding!
  3. Bowl inside a hallway! Your kids will love it!
  4. Play some fun songs and dance away!


Pirate Den Playhouse by Kidoozie

  1. Build a tent or fort and camp out!
  2. Play dress up and role play. Be a doctor, vet, dragon or superhero.
  3. Make some music. Use a percussion set, drums, mini band or band in a box.
  4. Move around the house with these remote control toys!



Spin N Fit Turtle Shape Sorter by Bloomby

  1. Let them get creative with some building toys!
  2. Arts and crafts are always a fun way to be creative and use your imagination, Use a canvas to paint, chalk to draw, clay to mold or create duct tape projects.
  3. Sew and create something new. Don’t forget the loom.
  4. Get them ready for a house scavenger hunt. Have them hunt for dolls, vehicles or squishies!
  5. Get active with some of our Little Gym products!

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