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Zoob Inventors Kit

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ZOOB Jr. has all the same features that make ZOOB such a great building toy, with a flexible material that makes it easier for young children.

- The pieces are nearly twice as large as ZOOB pieces, and the simplified building system has three pieces instead of five.
- The ZOOB Jr. 30 includes 30 pieces and 2 instruction manuals with no-reading-required directions for building models (but kids can build lots more models than just the ones in the manuals).
- ZOOB Jr. is a great tool for helping young children explore and express their creativity.
- A little info on Zoob: ZOOB is an award-winning building set with a difference = the pieces move after you put them together.
- So you can play with your creations, instead of just looking at them.
- Although we provide instructions and suggestions for models to build, we think the best part of playing with ZOOB is exploring, inventing, and discovering how you can build what you want to build.

Where did Zoob come from: ZOOB 's shape is inspired by the nucleotides (the basic structural units of nucleic acids) that make up DNA (ask your kids, they will know). Based on the way things connect, move and transform in nature, ZOOB captures dynamic movement, unlike traditional stacking or hub & spoke construction sets.

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Ok, this is another one of our alternative building sets designed off the ball and socket model where one piece fits into another piece.  The pieces are able to be strung into a long sequence or function as joints to bend and support along different angles.  The sets allow for building machines or animals which then function in active pretend play.  The main difference between this type of building and standard brick building sets is that instead of stacking and building walls and block shapes, the building materials form length-based sequences that form a ball and stick type model structure that perhaps occur more naturally in the world around us.


Our experts love all the ZOOB building block sets because it allows for more open ended imaginative and creative building and engineering, and mixing these sets with the standard ubiquitous building bricks allows for the full flexibility in designing and inventing the most structures available.  In addition the hard plastic is very durable and allows for motion creating active models and function pieces. 

Developmental Skills:

  Education  |   Imagination  |   Locomotion  |   Language   |    Dexterity   |    Social    |  Emotional   

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