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ZipBin Dinosaur - Neat Oh - eBeanstalk
Neat Oh

ZipBin Dinosaur


The Dinosaur toy bin's dramatic exterior identifies the contents and will look great in your child's room.

- When the bin is unzipped, it becomes a dinosaur island Playscape!
- This activity mat is perfect for playing with dinosaurs, animals, vehicles, boats, action figures, etc.
- Fantasy play is encouraged by a prehistoric world featuring a volcano, a river, a tar pit and a mysterious cave.
- When play is done, the Playscape becomes a toy bin in a zip, capturing the toys inside for easy clean up!
- The Playset includes two dinosaurs.

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Developmental Skills:

  Education  |   Imagination  |   Locomotion  |   Language   |    Dexterity   |    Social    |  Emotional   

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