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Ogo Raq Double Pack - Ogo Sport - eBeanstalk

Ogo Raq Double Pack

Amazingly versatile, the Ogo Sport Raq are ultra-lightweight, so they can act as a throwing disk.

Or utilize the high-strength nylon-spandex membrane and send the enclosed ball up to 150 feet.

With this super-stretchy skin, players can lob the ball back and forth at a variety of unpredictable heights and speeds. Or use the easy-grip handle and play an inventive round of tennis. Even solo-play of gently tapping the ball up and down on its trampoline-like membrane can be mesmerizing and is a great way to develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Plus, the play is amazingly quiet.

Awesome with water balloons, the Ogo Sport Raq can even be used in water - it floats!

Each Ogo Sport Raq set includes two Sport Raqs plus one Flux ball.

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