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Scientific Explorer

My First Dino Science Kit


My First Dino Kit, you're a real paleontologist! Use excavation tools to dig up a dinosaur skeleton and then classify and display your findings.

- Build a glow in the dark model, or grow and shrink some giant dinos, all while you learn about the prehistoric past.
- Did some dinosaurs have feathers?
- Are crocodiles as ancient as the dinosaurs?
- You'll find out.

- 1 dino block
- 1 brush
- 1 chisel
- 1 glow-in-the-dark dinosaur skeleton (cool)
- 1 growing dinosaur (cooler)
- 1 pair of goggles (necessary)
- A handy instruction guide.

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Developmental Skills:

  Education  |   Imagination  |   Locomotion  |   Language   |    Dexterity   |    Social    |  Emotional   

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