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Last Word Game

It's a race to have the final say! In Last Word, there are over 200 Subject Cards with topics ranging from Cartoon Characters and Breeds of Dogs to Items Used in the Summer and Vegetables.

Each player draws one Subject Card and keeps it hidden from the rest of the players. Any player turns over the top Letter Card, and then the race is on! All players must try to come up with a word that starts with that letter and fits the category of the Subject Card in their hand. For example, if the Letter Card is C, the player holding the Vegetables Subject Card will play it and shout Carrot!

Once the first Subject Card has been played, the timer starts and all players must try to name words that fit the same letter and category. Players continue saying words until time runs out, and the player who says the Last Word before the buzzer sounds, wins that round and advances one space on the game board. But beware - the timer has been cleverly programmed to go off at random intervals, so you never know when the buzzer will sound! It's a hilarious game that will have you shouting, laughing, stammering and babbling in a race to have the final say!

Game comes with Playing Boards, 230 Subject Cards, 56 Letter Cards, eight Colored Pawns, eight Trade-In Pieces, Electronic Random Timer, and Game Instructions. For 2 to 8 Players.

Made in the USAInterested in Educational Games? See 'em all here!

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