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GoldieBlox Luckys High Roller Construction Toy

GoldieBlox Luckys High Roller Construction Toy


Lucky gets rolling in this high-stakes mini-build! Goldie won Lucky playing a High Roller carnival game at the Bloxtown Fair, so it’s only fitting Lucky gets one of her own. Platforms, pendulums, and paddles help Lucky roll from top to bottom and land in the hoop, and their positions can be changed to try new ways to roll. Kids learn to build a fun ball-run game and enhance their fine motor and spatial reasoning skills. New craft + construction pieces, plus a Lucky bouncy ball! 

  • Builds spatial skills, engineering principles (momentum), and confidence in problem-solving.
  • Comes with 40+ pieces, including new paper construction parts.
  • All building pieces are compatible with existing sets.
  • A more challenging build, parents may help alongside kids.
  • Great gift for your master builder.
  • Collect all four to make the gang complete!

Ages: 6+

Includes: 9 mini axles, 2 coupler joints, 1 elbow, 1 block, 3 spacers, 1 T-joint, 2 short axles, 10 suction cup, 3 wheel hubs, 8 paper pieces, 1 bouncy ball


Developmental Skills:

  Education  |   Imagination  |   Locomotion  |   Language   |    Dexterity   |    Social    |  Emotional   

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