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Faux Bow - Marky Sparky - eBeanstalk

Faux Bow

Everything about this toy is fake. We admit it. From the faux Black Ebony handle to the fake bow string. It's all fake. All fake except the performance. The Faux Bow was designed with only one goal: to be the best performing toy bow on the market. This baby beats all the competition by miles.

Every Nerf enthusiast's jaw will drop at the distance and accuracy of this beast. It out shoots and out distances everything in the class. My mom always told me not to judge a book by its cover. No truer words could be said about the Faux Bow. Under its fake exterior lies the heart of a dragon (here comes the segue). So, if dragons are on the menu... Faux Bow-is ready to do some slaying.

Comes with 3 perfectly balanced Faux titanium arrows and one 3 arrow quiver.

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