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Citiblocs 100 pc Hot Colors Blocks - Citi Blocs - eBeanstalk

Citiblocs 100 pc Hot Colors Blocks

This 100 piece set is a wonderful way to get started building simple, small structures. It is just a step up from the 52 piece set. Build low and twice as wide, or stack them twice as high and narrow. Whatever their preference, the Citiblocs 100 piece set will keep the beginning builder flexing his/her imagination while developing fine motor skills.

You can expand their building horizons by adding additional sets including the 52, 300, 500, 800 and even 1,000 piece sets! All Citiblocs Wooden Building Sets are compatible and interchangable with each other.

Kids (and their parents) can enter a creative world of building, fantasy and fun. The possibilities are infinite. With 100 pieces they can build boats and cars and towers and bridges = both tall and wide. Add colors to our 100 blocks for exotic birds and futuristic designs and buildings.

Build outside the box with CitiBlocs, enhancing awareness, vision and skill = engaging hands on experience, concentration and understanding. Introduce builders to the world of are and design, science and expression, mathematics and history = the joy of creating and learning all the time. CitiBlocs = the essential building and learning toy.

CitiBlocs are a unique wooden building toy made of New Zealand pine.

These small rectangular blocks measure 1 x 4 1/2 x 1/4 inches.

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