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Brachiosaurus - Schleich - eBeanstalk



With its head in the treetops, this dinosaur was a cut above the company.

This beauty is made by Schleich. In our opinion, the best maker of realistic figures out there. From Dinos to horses to Smurfs...Schleich makes the best. Here are some 'Did You Knows' about super huge Brachiosaurus (we love dinos if you couldn't tell):

- Resembling a giraffe, this dinosaur cleared out canopies.

- With teeth like chisels and a keen sense of smell, this herbivore didn't need help finding food.

- Unlike most other dinosaurs, Brachiosaurus had longer front legs than back legs which helped him reach his dinner.

- One of the largest and tallest dinosaurs found, Brachiosaurus could stand fifty feet tall, weighing close to ninety tons.

- This dinosaur swallowed stones to help digest its dinner.

Item size is over 14 inches in length and about a foot high. And it weighs a ton.

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