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Bloomby Spin & Fit Turtle Shape Sorter - Bloomby - eBeanstalk

Bloomby Spin and Fit Turtle Shape Sorter

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Recommended Age: 2-4 years old

This toy improves upon the following developmental skills:

fine motor skill, self esteem, tactile skills, thinking, hand-eye coordination, problem solving, discovery and exploration

  • Perfect selection for children just getting into sorting shapes and learning about colors
  • More advanced than standard shape sorters
  • Sorting tray within shell spins on the turtle's back and needs to be aligned properly before child can accurately insert the correct shape
  • The shell has 6 differently-shaped holes (triangular, circular, rectangle, pentagon, cross, and square

Relevant Research

"Our results indicate that the most challenging aspect of both sorter games is the alignment of shape spaces rather than the actual placement of shapes themselves." 

"They were enthralled by the animal shape and additional wheel rolling feature of this toy..."   

Minds In Development Lab at University of Southern California (2015)

“The more children work with geometric concepts, the more they can learn to explore spatial relations and experience mathematics.”  Seefelt & Galper (2008)

Your child will fall in love with this lovable and educational turtle shape sorter that will provide hours of fun and learning. Choose a colored shape and then turn the board on top of the turtle into the correct position in order for the shape to fit and stack properly. This is a fantastic way for your child to recognize shapes, colors and patterns, develop hand/eye coordination and manipulative skills. This wooden toy will delight you and your child.  Our toys are made from quality sustainable rubberwood from Thailand.

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