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Arx 2

Arx 2

$34.19 $37.99

Recommended Age: 3+

Build with Arx 2.0… and familiarize your creative side with a new phenomenon.

Geometric beauty and magnetizing play come together in Arx 2.0.

With a nudge, handsome translucent crescents weeble, wobble and spin. Magnetic, they also attract and stack! 

A strong magnet rolls through each Arx piece, giving any builder the option of building in ways that defy common thought. 

When the magnetic force between two Arx pieces meets- you’ll know it. You’ll feel the click as the magnets adhere. There it is. A new route for creative thinking! 

Explore design, balance and capabilities of magnetism. Experiment with your inclinations. Design with Arx 2.0 on a flat surface. Use the bases to go up and out defying gravity! 

Fundamentally clever and oh-so cool, Arx 2.0 is one rollicking magnetic building toy.

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