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Amazing Airplanes Book - Marlon Creations - eBeanstalk

Amazing Airplanes Book

Get ready for take off!

- The sky'the limit with this soaring, swooping, looping look at the fantastic flying machines that made aviation history.
- Junior pilots will delight in building and flying five models of legendary aircraft, including the 1909 Blriot monoplane and the rocket-powered Bell X-1.
- From the first flight at Kitty Hawk to breaking the sound barrier, Amazing Airplanes gives kids a chance to go faster, higher and farther as they learn all about the evolution of flight and the incredible technologies that enabled man to fly.
- Filled with exciting historical photos, detailed diagrams, and colorful comic strips, Amazing Airplanes also tells the stories of pioneers like Wilbur and Orville Wright and Chuck Yeager.
- This engaging, educational book really lets kids' imaginations soar!

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