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6 x 20 Sing Along Fun Songs AND 6 x 20 Move Along Fun Songs - eBeanstalk
The Little Gym

6 x 20 Sing Along Fun Songs AND 6 x 20 Move Along Fun Songs


Music plays a vital role in The Little Gym programs, setting the tone for growth and development. Now, you can bring the music you know and love home with you! Two new albums, “20 Move-Along Fun Songs inches and “20 Sing-Along Fun Songs, inches are now available for purchase. Both include classic The Little Gym songs designed to get kids moving, learning and having fun! This CD is writtern and performed by Robin Wes and Randy McCoy. These are all songs that are sung in The Little Gym classes so bring home your child's favorite songs today. Each CD is over 70 minutes of music!! Included songs for 20 Sing Along Fun Songs: 1) Dinosaur Adventures
2) The Pirate Song
3) Walking Through The Jungle
4) Remember The Sounds
5) Weatherman
6) Magic Broom
7) The Firefighters
8) Mr. Turtle, Mrs. Rabbit
9) Crazy Glasses
10) Round Up
11) Dont Be Afraid
12) McFlakes Pancakes
13) Hawaiian Rainbows
14) Ninjas Hideout
15) Wee Willie Winkie
16) Opposites
17) Tumblie Diddle Di Di Dum
18) Pop The Little Bubbles
19) If Mom and Dad
20) The Birthday Song Included songs for 20 Move Along Fun Songs: 1) I Went To The Little Zoo
2) Run In A Circle
3) Wicky Wacky Looney Hula
4) Simon Says
5) Magic Carpet
6) Swing
7) Eeny Meeny
8) Counting Counts
9) Big and Small
10) Electric Slide
11) Mexican Hat Dance
12) Jump Turn Around
13) Dancing On A Cloud In The Sky
14) Can You Move
15) Mind Masters
16) Salsa
17) Counter Quick
18) Cajun Karate
19) Happy Birthday Boogie
20) Dancing At The Little Gym On Saturday Night

Developmental Skills:

  Education  |   Imagination  |   Locomotion  |   Language   |    Dexterity   |    Social    |  Emotional   

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