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Basic Builder Set - Hape - eBeanstalk

Basic Builder Set


Recommended Age: 3-6

Open-ended building is our favorite!

- Kids can learn by trial and error with this set! We're not sure there is a better way to learn. This set definitely offers that. If your kid is the kind who really wants to follow instructions and build something - this set is a fabulous find. Beginning builders can follow the highly detailed insert to learn exactly which screws, nuts and planks go where.

- Bright graphic pictures provide accurate, easy-to-follow images of how to put together pieces. Following along with the images, kids end up with a race car, airplane, tree, butterfly, snail, and a dog.

- We love the fact that the simplest builds outlined in this set require only 6 pieces so it's not overwhelming to the beginning builder. More advanced designs require up to 22 pieces so there's plenty of learning in store! And when your child decides to use all 42 - well, it will be something you've never seen before!

- 1 Goggle-eyes piece
- 4 Wheels
- 2 Triangular-shaped pieces with 4 holes
- 2 Red planks with 3 holes
- 2 Blue planks with 3 holes
- 2 Yellow planks with 2 holes
- 2 Orange planks with 2 holes
- 2 Natural cubes with 6 holes
- 4 Medium orange screws
- 2 Large blue screws
- 4 Small read screws
- 8 Natural washers
- 5 Yellow washers
- 1 Natural wrench
- 1 Natural/orange flat head screwdriver

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