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SmartLab Toys You Build It RoboXplorer

SmartLab Toys You Build It RoboXplorer


Recommended Age: 7+

You-Build-It RoboXplorer. With RoboXplorer, kids build their very own multiterrain robotic vehicle, complete with six S-shaped legs designed to conquer some of the toughest terrains, such as sand, rocks, and grass. Test its limits by towing toy cars, climbing a stack of books, or negotiating a wall. RoboXplorer will stop at almost nothing! Includes instructions for 10 (not the 5 project set) guided projects that touch upon the science of motion and energy to explain why RoboXplorer reacts differently to various terrains. Components: a booklet and lab journal to understand and track the RoboX's performance; 34 snap-together parts, gearbox. STEM Focus: Technology.

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