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Seaside Sidekicks Sand Brick Building Set

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Recommended Age: 2-4 years old

Fill the mold with sand, level it off with the trowel, and create sand bricks in the sandbox or at the beach.

  • Kids will love setting up their very own brick-making workshop or building site with molded plastic tools sized just for them.
  • The colorful, easy-to-grasp pieces, designed to look like Taffy Sea Turtle and Clicker Crab, make it simple to create a whole row of bricks to make a mini sea wall.
  • When the building is done, this two-piece set rinses clean and snaps together for convenient storage.
Reason to Buy

This a basic useful tool for all sandbox and beach artists.  It allows the young builders and architects to form the basic sand brick fundamental in creating larger sand structure.  The tactile handles and bright colors attract the younger children and allow them to grip with manual motor skills and pound the sand in delight.  For older builders, it allows them to neatly create blocks and form walls.

Why Experts Love It

The gross motor skills and bright colors enable the children to develop the hand-eye co-ordination and allows for creatvitiy in discovery and pretend play.  Children often create vast structure of inter-connected sand forts and tunnels which offer active and open-ended, creative outlets for the young mind where the amount of sand is the only limit to imagination.  We love the fact that children can play all day on vacation with the proper set of tools which allows them to spread their wings and create great masterpieces.

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